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Carnevale Network began as a project in 2014. Our founders identified that while the Caribbean and Latin Countries have a lot to offer it's visitors and those who enjoy it's cultural moorings, there is still a lot that can be done in order to raise awareness of these areas and these cultures in the eyes of those who are unfamiliar with them.

During our ongoing research we have now counted over 225 Carnivals throughout the world celebrated annually and today Carnival is arguably one of the most widespread Festivals celebrated across the world. As a result it is one of the few Events that often brings a wide and diverse groups of fun-loving people together on a National Scale.


There were five areas that we thought could be improved upon:

  1. We believed that encouraging visitors and interest in an island or country does not have to come at the cost of the transmission and education of people about the culture of that Island or country.

  2. We believed that language barriers (and the lack of information that results from it), represent a frequently encountered hurdle that can be overcome with the right approach. This could lead to increased interest, knowledge and travel to Latin American Countries, Islands and other regions from individuals who do not speak the language in those areas of the world. It may also encourage visitors to participate in some of the local observances and events rather than spectate, leaving a longer lasting impression upon these vistors. Many Tourists visit these regions for the weather and beaches, but they often do not get to experience the most valuable and unique things that they have to offer, due to this language and knowledge barrier. As a result opportunities to interact with local businesses and the local people are often missed.

  3. In addition to this it was also noted that throughout the world there are many 2nd and 3rd generation children of expats and immigrants who are unfamiliar with their cultural origins. This could and should also be improved upon as the younger generation has always been the future of a country, culture or society and the knowledge creativity and ideas that they have are a valuable resource.

  4. It was also unanimously agreed by our founding members that aside from Reggae music the musical talent within the Caribbean and Latin America has remained largely unrecognised in the mainstream, by other countries and cultures. This was also something that we agreed that we would like to see changed.

  5. And finally the World also remains largely unaware of the festivals, events and customs that enrich the countries that they exist upon and the stories behind them. A way had to be found to make this information accessible, interesting and engaging to those who were unaware of it.


It was decided that the best way to do this was to test our theory by growing an audience with a platform designed to entertain those who visit it by focusing on a cultural festival that many of them have in common and connects many of them and thus Carnevale Network was born.

Since then the growth that Carnevale Network has experienced has been exponential.

Comments that we have received via our social media pages from our audience have expressed their lack of knowledge, their appreciation at the information we have provided them with upon our Platform, and their newfound inspiration, respect and interest in the Cultures of each of these regions.

These comments have come from people within the regions featured upon our website and they often thank us for enlightening them about the cultures of the other regions as a result of the information upon our platform (Many are surprised at the aspects of their culture that they have in common with the other countries and islands that are object of our focus.

(For those interested, some of the comments we have received can be found in the images below - Click to view images)


We also receive these comments from people whose first encounter with these regions is through our platform and also the diasporas of these regions that exist within other parts of the world such as the United States of America, Africa, Asia and Europe.

As a result our platform now receives in excess of 100,000 visitors each month and the demographic of those visitors cross many national, social and regional barriers that have often been the biggest challenge with regard to opening up the Caribbean and Latin America to the world and making those regions feel more accessible to individuals who are not from there.

Carnevale Network has proven to be a very successful project exceeding even our own expectations.

We are now in a position to contribute to the Caribbean and Latin America by helping them in the areas that the Carnevale Network has already been successful in and have proven challenging to many in the past.

Over the next year it is our mission to reach each even more people, and to reach out to more Carnival music artists, Carnival groups, governments, ministries, tourism boards, travel agents, businesses and organisations related to Carnival and Festival Tourism, with a view towards helping them achieve their goals and market their cultures.

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