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  • In Brazil, Bloco da Lama........Get messy each year during the Carnival!
  • the Second day of CarnivalStay Cool, Look Hot!
  • Travelling to the Festival.......is half the fun!

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The Carnevale Network platform provides advertisers a unique opportunity to be placed in front of a diverse audience that have several things in common. These visitors are Travellers, Pleasure Seekers and Tourists who enjoy a Lifestyle associated with trying out or being interested in new things.

90’000 + unique visitors come to Carnevale Network each month to obtain information, stay up-to-date with current events or simply be entertained.

The Subject of the Site acts as a central hub, connecting Music, Design, Events, Festivals, Tourism, Travel, Food, Drink and many other areas through their association with Festivals and the Cultures that gave birth to them.

As a result our consistently updated Site is consistently retaining repeat-visitors while acting as an introduction for new ones. A brief look at the followers of our Twitter Page is all anyone needs in order to see the value of the reach that has been built with our unique online Platform.

Our Advertising and Sponsorship options can be found below (Advertising is provided in block periods of 3 Months):


Sponsorship Options


Sponsorship provides a way of broadening your competitive edge by improving your company’s image, prestige and credibility. This can be achieved supporting a platform that caters to it's visitors by Educating, Informing and Entertaining them. Our platform recieves apporximately 90'000 unique visitors each month and  is designed to be accessible to individuals interested in Festival Tourism and all things associated to it, whilst also catering to those who are knowledgeable but require further information. Sponsoring Carnevale Network creates an opportunity to boost profits, increase visibility and establish goodwill. In addition to this it's clean and professional presentation makes an incredibly safe place to Sponsor.

Some of the benefits of Sponsorship with Carnevale Network can be found below:

  1. Enhance your public profile in an economically viable way.

  2. Differentiate your company or business from It's competitors by developing closer and better relationships with existing and potential customers while showcasing services and/or products.

  3. Cement or create an association between a given market area and your Business.

  4. Guage Customer response to your Products, services or company image.

  5. Use Carnevale Networks Social Media Platforms to Increase the visibility of your Company.


Sponsorship of entire Website (Option 1)

Option 1 is our premium Sponsorship option, It is exclusive and only provided to one Company at a time. It is designed to place all of the opportunities that Carnevale Network has available to help you to achieve the result that you and your company aspire to, we do this by working closely with you on a Consultancy Basis finding out more about your Company, Services and Products in order to utilise what Carnevale Network has to offer in the best possible way for the duration of the sponsorship. 

This includes:

  1.  A Featured Article - This will be an Article that promotes your Business by providing information about your Product, Service or information that is connected to the area of your Business, this Featured Article will then be placed on our Social Media pages regularly in order to increase it's visibility.

  2. Consultancy - This will involve a meeting specifically to obtain information that will allow us to find out more about your Company and the Goals that you wish to achieve with a view towards helping you achieve it.

  3. 14 Facebook & Twitter Mentions/Posts a week - We will use our Social Media Platforms to place you in front of our audience twice a day each week that we are Sponsored by you.

  4. Sponsored Section Banners & Popups that lead to your website - These will be used to guide our Visitors to your Website or a Page of your choice that might be offering a specific deal, product or Service that is currently being promoted.

  5. Your Logo and Link on our Website - your Logo and Link on our Website creates a positive association between our Platform and your Business, it contributes to increasing the visibility of your Brand and draws attention to your business from those who visit the Site via their shared intrerest.



Sponsorship of entire Website (Option 2)

Option 2 is an exclusive option only provided to one Company at a time. This is the best option for companies that would like to be placed in front of our audience in the quickest and simplest way possible. A business who opts for this Sponsorship Package will be placed in front of our Social Media audience and the visitors of our Website. Your Logo's prescence upon our website and the Link to your Website will increase Interest, visibility and afford the best opportunity for our visitors to visit your Website so they can find out more about your Product, or Service and what your company has to offer.

This includes:

  1. 10 Facebook & Twitter Mentions/Posts a week
  2. Your Logo and Link on our Website 




Sponsorship of entire Website (Option 3)

Option 3 is limited to one sponsor a week and provides your Company or Business Brand with a presence upon our Website. Carnevale Network recieves in excess of 90'000 visitors each month. Quite often the best promotion is by association, so by having your Brand upon our Website our visitors will see that you are associated with the interests that bring them to the Carnevale Network Website. This creates an interest in your Companys Brand and interest in your product or Service.

This includes:

  1.  Your Logo and Link on our Website.



Advertising Spaces


The Carnevale Network Platform provides Entertainment Media, Articles, Local and international Festival Information, News and Current affairs, and Historical, Cultural and Educational Information.The topical areas whilst broad are each connected to the subject of Cultural and Festival Tourism. Tourists are attracted to Festivals by many elements, the most important of which seems to be interesting, sometimes exotic aspects of a culture.

This can include local Food and Drinks, Local Sports and Water Sports, Local Arts, Crafts and clothing, Health and Beauty, The People, Festivals and Events, Local Customs, Lifestyle, the Environment, local wild life, historical sites local Music and Entertainment and much much more. As a result our pages can be used to draw attention to products, services events and opportunities, that are related to these areas, As an example our Cultural Articles Area information used by many of our visitors to discover information about the regions covered by our platform. As a result it is fantastic place for Adverts that pertain to exotic Food and Drinks, Events and Products and Services that appeal to Travellers and Tourists such as transportation, flights and currency conversion to name a few.

Opportunities for Advertising Space can be found within the areas listed below:

Carnival Culture Page (Top Left Box - 500 x 899)

Latest News Page (Top Left Box - 500 x 899)

Events Calendar (Top Left Box - 500 x 899)

Caribbean Festivals Calendar (Top Left Box - 500 x 899)

Music Videos Page (Top Left Box - 500 x 899)

Artist Interviews Page (Top Left Box - 500 x 899)  



Front Page (3rd Bottom, lowest left Box)



Front Page (Middle left Box)

Music Videos Page (Featured Music Video Box - Youtube)

Carnevale Network TV Page (Small Left Side Video Advert – Youtube)



Front Page (Above “News and Culture” Articles)

Front Page (Above “Latest Videos” Articles)



Front Page (Top Left Box - 500 x 899)

Front Page (Main Video 3 minutes long or less– Youtube)

Front Page (A Featured Front-Page Article kept at the top of the events)

Front Page Event Advert (Kept at the top of the FP Events)



Other Options


Directory Page Listing

Our Directory Pages lists Businesses, and Organisations that are of interest to our audience, many of the individuals often have difficulties finding and making contact with the Companies and individuals that can provide them with the unique services, skills or products that are easily found within the regions that our Platform provides information upon. Our directories are a central point that allow our visitors to find what they are looking for quickly and easily. Whether you are a Caterer or Restaurant trying to increase your reach or a company offering business services, by being listed you are placing yourself online in a place that is visited by the type of Clientele that are already looking for what you offer. or interested in finding out more about you. 



Carnevale Network Twitter + Facebook Promotion

Our Social Media Pages attract viewers, comments, and many other interactions on a daily basis. Do you have something about your business or your company that you would like to make our Social Media Audience aware of? Make use of our Social Media Platforms by ensuring that an advert, video or other Promotional material that you provide is regularly posted in order to increase your visibility. Our audience are interactive and often share the things that they like with their friends and family via their own Social Media Page.

This includes:

  • A Minimum of 15 Mentions/ Promotional Posts per week on Carnevale Network Twitter and Facebook Pages.



Social Media Management

Social Media today is a critical yet often misunderstood component of any Business organisation. Managing and Coordinating what is placed upon your Social Media and ensuring that it works synergistically with your Website and other Promotional vehicles seamlessly can be a daunting task. In addition to this, creating new strategies and ideas that make use of the Tools Social Media provides is an ongoing and never ending process. Our Social Media Management Service provides Businesses and Companies with a service that is tailored to suit your needs and budget. Our objective is to ensure that your Social Media activity is optimised so that you can focus on the important task of running your Business or Organisation. (Pricing is based upon a clients unique requirements).

This includes:

  1. Consultancy

  2. Coordinated Posting to your Social Media Pages

  3. Responding to Queries that come via Social Media

  4. Social Media Event-Creation and Day to Day Monitoring and Management



Please send all enquiries to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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