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The Notting Hill Carnival

Each year in London, Notting Hill is host to Londons biggest street party with more than one million people attending over the carnival weekend. Londons Carnival experience is precipitated by lots of Parties and events that play the genres of Music that you are likely to hear at the Carnival and performances by many of the top Carnival Music Artists. For further details on the official Notting Hill Carnival Events please see below.



Day: Carnival Saturday, 24th August 2019
Time: 18:00am - 23:00am
Location: Emslie Horniman’s Pleasance Park, W10 3DH

For months prior to the main days of Carnival, entire orchestras comprised of players of the world's youngest acoustic instrument, the Steel Pan, have been practicing to compete in the outdoor event called Panorama.

The UK National Panorama Steelband competition sees eight Steel bands play a ten-minute composition from memory – no sheet-music is allowed.

Steel pans were invented in around 1945 in the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago and are the national instrument of the Island, and an emblematic icon of the Caribbean region. Since it's worldwide recognition in the 1900's Pan has rapidly grown from its beginning as a folk instrument into a world class entity.


Jouvert Morning

Day: Carnival Sunday, 25th August 2019
Time: 06.00am - 09.00am
Location: Sainsbury’s Ladbroke Grove, W10 6HJ

J’ouvert is at the heart of Carnival, and is also celebrated in other Eastern Caribbean islands. The name J’ouvert originates from the French word "Jour ouvert", meaning day break or morning, and signals the start of the bacchanalia that is Carnival, and it's free for all comers who wish to observe or participate.

In the Western World Jouvert is the best kept secret of Caribbean Carnival Culture and is the one of the purest Carnival activities available. Jouvert is highly traditional and full of symbols culture and heritage. It is steeped in tradition and playing mud mas involves participants known as Jab Jabs. covering themselves – from head to toe – and others in paint, chocolate, mud, white powder or anything for that matter. It is Jouvert custom that everybody gets involved and it’s common to see a newcomer being hugged by a muddy revelers.

At Notting Hill as early as 5am and 6am revellers who will have been partying the night before can be seen congregating at the top of Ladbroke Grove warming up and getting ready to celebrate the opening of the Carnival to the sounds of Steel Pan Music artists who were competing in tthe Panormama competition the day before. Due to the early morning hours the streets are clear, and free for revellers to enjoy themselves.

For those wishing to Join in the fun we would highly recommend watching THIS VIDEO in order to ensure you are prepared for Jouvert Morning, it is the wildest time and after Jouvert revellers will head back home, shower and eat and head straight back out to enjoy the rest of their time at the Carnival (And some individuals will even party right the way through the day).


Carnival Sunday

Day: Sunday, 25th August 2019
Time: Time: 11.00am - 07.00pm
Location: Carnival Parade Route

After Jouvert Morning for the rest of the day Carnival Masquerade bands of all shapes, sizes and colours can be seen on the road on Carnival Sunday, typically a few of the striking costumes can be seen on this day, worn by Carnival participants, however many Carnival participants can be seen wearing their Masquerade bands T-shirt. Other bands on this day may be covered head to toe in Paint and even Chocalate playing "Dutty Mas", this is a traditional form of Carnival Participation connected to Jouvert Morning and some of the earliest and most authentic iterations of Carnival in the Caribbean, each of the Carnival Bands has Music of some kind and the experience of partying outdoors on the parade route is second to none.

Carnival Sunday is also a great day for Children and Families as many of the Younger participants of Carnival can be seen in  the Childrens Day Parade as a part of the Sunday Carnival experience.


Carnival Monday

Day: Monday, 25th August 2019
Time: 11.00am - 07.00pm
Location: Carnival Parade Route

On Carnival Monday this is the final countdown to the end of the Carnival, and is officially called the adults parade by some. On this day all of the revellers play "Pretty Mas" which means beautiful costumes and lots of celebration on the road. Typically Carnival participation on Sunday and Saturday includes more than just a costume, incorporating other important benefits such as Food and Beverages.

Once the Carnival is over many revellers head home, whilst others go home to change and go to an After-Carnival Party on the same night in an attempt to squeeze out the last few drops of enjoyment that they can from the Notting Hill Carnival weeked.


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And if you are interested in joining a Carnival Band please contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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